[ylwm_vimeo]18996767[/ylwm_vimeo] Product title: P-Tree Design: Sam van Veluw Product development: AANDEBOOM The P-TREES were a great success at the Roskilde festival 2011 in Denmark, with more than 100.000 visitors and many of them using the P-TREE more than ones. For Roskilde AANDEBOOM produced 50 P-TREES in the typical Roskilde Orange color. The P-TREES were placed on 2 different spots near the main stage. By using [.....]

BLOG|| Plantmines by Front404 @ Kleurenblind Festival Utrecht 2012


While walking peacefully in the park, enjoying the weather, you’re suddenly blasted by a green explosion of happiness! Suddenly you’re surrounded by a cloud of flowers gently floating down. You’ve stepped on a Plantmine, and the explosion of flower confetti serves as an instant party to celebrate that you live in a country where you don’t have to worry about stepping on a real landmine. The flower confetti contains [.....]

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