A creative thinker with a technical heart

Stas finished his study industrial design in 2009 but came to the conclusion that his desire to be a more creative thinker won from the position of being only a technical engineer. In 2009, he started his second study, Product Design at the Artez Institute of Arts, in Arnhem. During his study, from July to December 2012, he interned at the Joris Laarman Studio in Amsterdam. He got his bachelor degree in 2013.
After his study, Stas gained experience in the lighting industry, as a freelance designer and as a part of the research and development team of Triolight in Barneveld.
He also worked in interior design studio’s like studio IJM, obtaining experience with furniture design, and is also skilled in providing technical and creative solutions in other fields.
With a passion for social gathering(s) and lightweight constructions Stas could be your multi employable worker

“The modernist era has passed and the us era has begun, the individual is a we.” (Sloterdijk)
The above quotation is the starting point for my collection called Minifest.


Subject (collection Minifest)

In times of increasing pressure on society, there are lots of things that bring people together; take war
dances or primitive religious ceremonies for example. The aforementioned examples hardly exist in
our Western world, but the massive emotional energy is still present. In dance-events or festivals for
example, but also in sporting events, such as the Olympic games or the world championship football.
These events all create a sense of solidarity.
As a frequent visitor of events, I started analyzing where our fascination comes from, and why festivals
are working so well in the current day and age. Every event has a specific type of visitor, because
splintered styles of music attract specific groups of people.
A second, much more important, aspect of festivals is that visitors become part of one community.
Everybody wants to have a good time , and are even willing to volunteer in order to make the festival a
Small scale events create an even bigger sense of solidarity, because the location is smaller and thus
clear and more intimate.

Design Methodology

Collaboration and shared experiences are the starting point for my design. I want my products to
enable an experience, which initial conditions are determined by me. I searched products that
are typical for festivals, specifically lightning, seating and social gathering points. As a designer, I am
specifically looking for the spontaneous character of a gathering, which is focused on experiencing of a
mood in which the participants are actively involved. My temporary constructions are specifically moodobjects which are established from a certain movement.
I let myself be inspired by pop-up tents, but also from umbrellas. I like to work with prints and a distinct color palette, because a party equals color
in my view. I want my products to show that the mood during a festival can also be achieved by several
products. It has to have a spontaneous character and be established by improvisation, like they do at
bigger events with the materials that are available.
Get busy living!


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